• Are All Word Embeddings the Same?

    28 September, 2019 by

    No, they are not. But they have a number of similarities that might be unexpected when you first learn a certain algorithm, such as Word2Vec or GloVe. This post is a summary of a series of papers that I found in the latest years, which show aspects common to word embedding methods that have been… Read more

  • Explainable Machine Learning with Lasso Logistic Regression

    5 September, 2019 by

    Explainable Artificial Intelligence (now fancily abbreviated as XAI) is a growing trend in the latest years. It is a logical consequence of the development of predictive algorithms of evergrowing complexity, namely deep learning systems such as CNNs. Such systems are undoubtedly qualified as black-boxes, because they don’t provide a straightforward interpretation of their decisions. You… Read more

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